The Use of Hydroseeding

Mulching and hydro mulching have their respective functions, however, hydro mulching has many advantages compared to just mulching. Hydromulching from hydroseeding near me has a better role than just mulching, especially in 45-degree slope conditions. Both methods are able to reduce the amount of runoff. Mulch or wood fiber which is applied together with hydroseeding has several advantages including. Withstand pollutants from heavy metals. Increasing water absorption capacity into the soil. Increase soil organic biomass and increase nutrient availability for plants. Has the benefit of controlling erosion for a very long time in line with the presence of plant vegetation. As the right solution to control erosion.

Soil erosion due to natural processes is erosion that occurs due to the process of soil formation and the process of maintaining soil balance naturally. So that the soil erosion of natural processes is only caused by nature without human assistance.

Although not as fast as laying the ground, hydroseeding is cheaper than soil – and in about a week, the grass will start to grow. In the third or fourth week, your new hydroseeded grass will be ready for sowing. Hydroseeding is a fast way to sow large areas. Also, because hydroseeding is a spray process, slope slopes are not disturbed, preventing erosion. Hydroseeding germinates and grows best when applied at the beginning of the grass growing season. Cold or hot temperatures while germinating grass seeds can delay germination. In addition, grass seed varieties available for hydroseeding depend on the companies that apply them. Although every grass seed can be used, many companies limit operations to only a few varieties that grow well in your area. You can rent equipment to implement hydroseeding yourself, but it is recommended, for an efficient application, you hire a professional get the best one only on our website right now.