Principles of Business Ethics and Their Approaches to the Company

The application of business ethics principles in running a business is a necessity and covers all aspects of a company. In practice within the company, the business ethics principle will shape the values, norms, and behavior of the workers, from subordinates to superiors read more . The application of business ethics in the company will build fair and healthy relationships, both among colleagues, shareholders, customers, and the community. And all parties within the company should make business ethics one of the standards at work. My principle of autonomy is related to the attitudes and abilities of individuals in taking a decision and the right actions. In other words, a business person must be able to make good and right decisions and account for those decisions. Business people can be said to have an autonomy principle in doing business if they have full awareness of their obligations in running a business. That is, an entrepreneur understands the field of business done, the situation at hand, and the demands and rules that apply in that field. To be an entrepreneur, you are also required to be smart, one of them is being smart in choosing an operator telephone service such as 1300 numbers which has the big advantage of having a number 1300 or 1800 is that they are not “tied” to physical equipment such as ordinary mobile or land numbers.

Business actors are also said to have the principle of autonomy if they are aware that decisions and actions taken are appropriate or contrary to certain moral values ??or norms, and have risks that can occur for themselves and the company. The autonomous principle is not just following the values ??and norms that apply, but also an inner awareness that what is done is a good thing. The principle of honesty should be an important basis in carrying out any business. Most successful entrepreneurs, both modern entrepreneurs, and conventional entrepreneurs, claim that honesty is one of the keys to success in any business. The principle of honesty is very important for entrepreneurs. In general, businesses that run without adopting the principle of honesty will not last long. For entrepreneurs, this honesty is related to the quality and price of goods offered to consumers. In other words, selling high-quality products at reasonable and reasonable prices is a form of honesty from an entrepreneur to consumers.

Honesty has a huge impact on the process of running a business. Once a businessman is dishonest / deceiving consumers, then this is the beginning of a setback and even the destruction of a business. Especially in modern business-like today, the level of competition is very high. Fair, in this case, means that all parties involved in the business have the right to get the same treatment according to the applicable rules. That way, all parties involved in the business must contribute to the success of the business being carried out, both directly and indirectly.