Netflix Is Good But It Might Make You Lazy

It’s no secret that Netflix provides a lot of video content that you can enjoy. Overall the service content is divided into two main categories, namely movies and TV series. The two categories are then subdivided by genres, such as Action, Comedies, Horror, Romance, and others. Aside from that, perhaps you should know how to change netflix region as well.

Basically, Netflix has permission to display TV programs and TV series from various countries. However, the permit has limited territory. So there is some content that really cannot be broadcast in some countries.

This is what makes Netflix content less updated and less when compared to other countries. Most available documents come from 2008-2013. It’s interesting for those of you who want to be nostalgic, but not if you wish you could watch the latest films.

Likewise, with TV serial collections, most come from 2014 and 2015. However, fortunately, Netflix itself has broadcasts of TV series that are highly qualified and worth watching.

Besides that, there is an alternative that you can do that is using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). By using a VPN, you are as if you were in the United States or the United Kingdom – according to your destination. This allows you to access more Netflix collections. But the problem that arises using a VPN is that internet speeds are less stable and tend to be slower.

Netflix and Chill, very successful makes you lazy

“Netflix and chill” is arguably an expression of how good it is to use Netflix. It may sound strange, but this really happens when using this service, especially when watching TV series.

Considering that Netflix provides a collection of episodes and seasons from a complete TV series. Every end of the episode, you no longer need to make an effort to continue watching the next episode, because Netflix will automatically play the next episode.

There is a delay of about 14 seconds that you can use to stretch before Netflix plays the next episode. So this is one reason why the term “Netflix and Chill” appears.

Some other features that will also spoil you are the Profiled feature, My List, and Continue.

Profiled allows you to create accounts for different users. For example, accounts for children, the content provided is only related to children.