Identify Your Scalp Type Before Choosing the Right Shampoo

The characteristic of healthy hair is to have strong roots, not easily broken and look shiny. Having healthy hair makes it easy for people to create any model. To make it easier for people to get the desired model, many references on the internet have sprung up. One website that provides complete references is Black Health and Wealth. Starting from a variety of hairstyles to a combination of hair coloring that follows the trend.

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To get healthy hair, one important factor is shampoo. The right shampoo and according to the type of hair will make the roots of the hair more healthy. Avoid choosing a shampoo based on an attractive advertisement or bottle, because the wrong shampoo can actually cause damaged hair. To avoid choosing the wrong shampoo, you should know the type of your scalp:

– Oily scalp
If your scalp is oily and you live in a hot tropical country, you can choose shampoos that can increase hair volume or even strengthen hair. We recommend that you avoid shampoo products that moisturize and hydrate. Tips for proper shampooing is to leave the remaining shampoo in the hair for about one minute longer than usual. This can help reduce oil on the scalp.

– Dry scalp
For owners of dry scalp, you can choose a shampoo that can moisturize or hydrate or soothe. This type of shampoo will make your scalp get enough oil so that the scalp will not dry out and peel until it becomes dandruff. Avoid or don’t use shampoo too often which can increase hair volume.

– Normal scalp
Normal scalp usually follows seasonal changes. The important thing is to realize when there is a change in season and how it affects your scalp, and how much dandruff and oil are produced on the scalp, replace your shampoo accordingly. The normal scalp should use shampoo alternately adjusting the season or weather changes.